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The outrage is that Congress is pushing ahead the TPP, selling us all into economic slavery. Please contact your Senators and demand that they stop!

As of 2:15pm, Chicago time, there is only a few hours left to make the call, before the vote is taken. If there is no immediate backlash, the vote is going to pass.

The immediate situation is this: The TPP has already been passed - but it depends on whether the TPA now passes in the Senate, in a few hours from now.

The TPA, ("Trade Promotion Authority"), is necessary to, "Fast Track," the TPP, i.e., ram-rod it through Congress for its final vote, with no changes by Congress.

SO: The important thing is to stop the vote on TPA - ASAP!

Please call your Senators!!! Yell bloody hell! Or try the polite approach:

202/224-3121 Senate / House public switchboard

(NOTE: The Democrats, supported by Progressive conservatives, managed to stop the TPP from going through - UNTIL the passage of the TPP yesterday. They voted against a (TPP) "pro-jobs" bill, because to do so would head off the TPP at the pass. But, now with the TPP being passed, guess what is happening?

(Obama is telling Democrats, "The TPP is on my desk, and I AM GOING TO SIGN IT. So - now you MUST vote for the (red-herring) pro-jobs bill, or else be blamed for the eventual JOBS failure of the instituted TPP).

I hope I am not confusing you. There is a lot more to the story - all about deception and coercion, and duplicity, kissing up to secret corporate campaign doners.

The main thing is: It all depends on today's vote on the TPA in the Senate!

Why the Senate Must 'Vote No' on Fast-Tracking the TPP - http://ecowatch.com/2015/06/22/senate-fast-tracking-tpp/
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Today's big Senate trade vote, explained - Vox - http://www.vox.com/2015/6/23/8831733/senate-tpa-tpp-vote
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