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Sep. 23rd, 2017 02:21 pm
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Although it could be, this is not a post about zero-point energy space travel.

Well.  My plague has been brained by problems lately.  I woke up at 415am, and then again at 6am, still not shaking off the bother.  But, I took my dog out at 6am, and incurred more idiocy from the crazy guy inside.  I went back to sleep and woke up at 9am.  STILL, my head was an ant farm.  Pain, and also strain.  Nevertheless, I pushed myself to achieve today's ideal.  The plan was to leave before 10am, and not only walk to the farmers market, but then to walk to the farmers market BEYOND.   It was a fucking long haul, on an increasingly hot, humid day, alors.

Got ready.  Took my dog out early and he crapped which was great.  Then I began the long walk.  I had to strip down to a white tank top.  After I got $10 from the bank, I went down to farmers market #1 - the usual one.  There is a woman there who sells me kale and so forth.  She is older and over weight.  But she kept plucking at her bright T-shirt as we talked.  I don't know whom of you, out there, understand the hell of being a man.  But, most of the time, I cannot talk to any female without her starting up, thinking god knows what.  I cannot simply be nice and open and communicative with a female without this happening, and then I get blamed for, "leading her on."  I'm pretty fucking tired of it, especially because there is apparently no female whom I find attractive within 50 miles of this place.  All the attractive people have emmigrated from Illinois, or else to the college towns.  And everyone is eating crap and getting fat like Mamma Cass.

So, then I made a walk towards farmers market #2 - the one BEYOND.  (On the way, I stashed away my little haul, to pick up on the way back).  OK - unlike the previous market, and the one downtown, THIS market had more than a paltry four tents.  THIS was what a farmers market is supposed to be!  Damn!  Finally.  There were at least 20 tables there, maybe a million, with a vast variety of stuff - including a coffee table which even had decaf beans.  I sauntered in my hurried cosmopolitan way, comparing offerings to offerings.  The farmer creaturs always stepped up to talk as soon as I looked their way, which was annoying, but this was truly country.  As usual, the country folk were respectful and friendly with me.  Which, you know, in our exploding world, was pretty stupid of them, right?

Yo, this tall, gothy girl started running around in the crowd, screaming.  And pelting her self.  "Bees!  Agggh!!!"

I realised what was going on right away.  And more-so.  It took some farmers a little while to realise that this was all because of bees.  OK, fine, a little slowness is fine.  But then this black farmer guy - actually he was a BBQ guy - comes out and starts trying to draw attention to himself by shouting that the bitch is crazy - CRAZY!  Yowl haw haw!  Shit!  (And, I guess this will make me want to buy his stuff?)  Meanwhile, he was like, walking directly into my way - and then AGAIN even when I tried to get out of the way.  What I should have done was put him in his place and shouted, "She has a fucking disability, you fucking jackass."  But, no.  The locals sit better with this below-radar BS than with the point-blank truth that will call it out.  They still believe in the 1960's classics, and all that, and I would have been stoned as a NAZI.  fts.

There was a big box van there, holding a bunch of girls, all about, "Love your Smart Meter."  (It was at farmers market #1 a week or two ago).  One girl was peering out the window and eying me.  That's pretty much the best of my day, lol.  Anyway, I despise Smart Meters.  Just so you know, I am supposed to be posting to you about my own smart meter incident at my local residence, a week or two ago.  Just so you know.

Then I turned back and walked.  Picked up the little stash, and then realised that I now had so many veggies that this was ALREADY a cumbersome load.  Let's see, in total, I had this: 3 large tomatoes; a pound of broccoli; a bunch of kale; two bunches of chard; two large eggplants; two packs of Brussels's sprouts - pretty heavy.  Then, I shopped at the store to buy wine, mushrooms, fishy things.  Some little black boy focused in on me.  He watched as I left, all ladened down, up and past the great Starbucks.  This is one of those formulative instances where a man moulds a kid into being a man - an independent man, strong, adventurous, car-less, and ready to collapse.

Finally, went into supermarket for just one thing: GF Beer.  (Theoretically, I am supposed to space out my alcohol until the end of the month).  I walked, heavilly laddened, a long ways back to my place.  One of the toughest treks this year.  But, I force myself through this each year, because it is good for me until it's not.  There were a few physical problems.

I watched, "Snowden," for the third time, last night.  the first time I saw this movie, I teared up and slobbered in the movie theatre, when it got near the end.  The second time, at home, nothing.  But #3 - I was glad to be welling up yet again.  So, I count this movie way up there in my personal favs.  Add Snowden to the list of amazing earth-movers who have been inspired by Thoreau.  THINK FOR YOURSELF.  Anyway, in this movie, the star does what really appears to be a good job of his own stunt: falling out of an army barracks, and breaking his leg.  As Snowden, he was told that, "This is what happens when you carry an 80-pound sack on a 150-pound body: your legs splinter up," etc.  Well, I weigh less than that, and I sometimes carry about that, if not more.  So.  God help meh.

I am such a man, I drink vinegar.  I drink vinegar that has been sitting in a metal cup for days, imbuing and imbibing all the metals in that cup.  Indeed, I do this precisely so I can drink up the dissolved metals.  I have written about this magical mug before.  It is some kind of metallic composite, with a little note attached to it, "You can drink your beer out of this mug, and get traces of wonderful metals!'  I mean, if that isn't marketing to crazy madman101, then idk wtf is.  To top - or bottom - it off, I have a silver dollar in the cup, so it will shed silver eventually into my system, and cure me of ills forevermore, (hopefully not to turn me blue).  Before you espy me with asconce, know that this actually works, at least a tad-some.

But, my beloved mug started ecreting water to the outside.  Eventually, I saw some little hole in the bottom.  And all of the lower innards were seriously eroded and crumbled.  Kinda cool.  So, now what I want to do is to find a way to submerge my mug in (ACV) vinegar, in some glass container, so I can keep drinking in the metals.  I tried an old 10-cup Mr. Coffee decanter but this was too small.  This mug does not have all the metals anyone needs.  But it is the best I can do, especially with the silver.  I wear gold and this is the best I can do in the gold department.  To those of you who are not completely blowing me off: these things are really important(!)  Modern agriculture has robbed you of all these minerals.

I got that mug as a gift, within my family.  Probably the best thing ever.

So - on this so-called subject...

There are times when I am struggling to recover from the great brain injury that CFS doth incur...  And, sometimes, when I am pulling out, I find that metal-type music can be very helpful.  So, I think metal can be a good thing as, e.g., one is trying to come out of a marijuana buzz, and so forth.  Also, there are many tones and styles that sometimes can help my brain, once it is past the worst stuff.  However, just so you know, none of any of this is curative of the BIG/main stuff.  It can only help to bring me back to where I was, when my brain is ready for it.  OK - that's about enough for now...

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