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The Master Narrative Nobody Dares Admit: Centralization Has Failed

(Tyler Durden, http://www.zerohedge.com/ 6/21): The primary "news" narrative may be the failure of the euro, but the master narrative is much, much bigger: centralization has failed. The failure of Europe's "ultimate centralization project" is but a symptom of a global failure of centralization. Though many look at China's command-economy as proof that the model of Elite-controlled centralization is a roaring success, let's check in on China's stability and distribution of prosperity in 2021 before declaring centralization an enduring success. The pressure cooker is already hissing and the flame is being turned up every day. What's the key driver of this master narrative? Technology, specifically, the Internet. Gatekeepers and centralized authority are no match for decentralized knowledge and decision-making. Once a people don't need to rely on a centralized authority to tell them what to do, the centralized authority becomes a costly impediment, a tax on the entire society and economy. In a cost-benefit analysis, centralization once paid significant dividends. Now it is a drag that only inhibits growth and progress. The Eurozone is the ultimate attempt to impose an intrinsically inefficient and unproductive centralized authority on disparate economies, and we are witnessing its spectacular implosion. Centralization acts as a positive feedback, i.e. a self-reinforcing loop that leads to a runaway death spiral.
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Canny Wukan Villagers Grasp Keys to Loosen China's Muzzle 

Wukan Revolt Could Be A Harbinger

Members of the village committee (which provides the same types of services to a village that a municipal government would) sold or leased 4/5 of the village's farmland and forests over an 18 year period. The villagers say that they did not approve the sales and leases and did not receive any money from them. One of the villagers, Xue Jinbo, who tried to resolve the dispute between villagers and the village committee, was abducted and then pronounced dead of a heart attack two days later. (Yeah, right.) Xue Jinbo's fellow villagers, somewhat skeptical of the official cause of death, demanded his body be released to them, saying that they would demonstrate at the administrative centre in Lufeng if it was not. They then proceeded to chase Communist Party officials out of their town and set up blockades to keep the police out.

The New York Times notes that there are 625,000 potential Wukans across the country (i.e., "small, locally run villages that frequently suffer the sorts of injustices that prompted the outburst this month in Wukan.").

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