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Judge slams Occupy Chicago arrests as ‘unconstitutional,’ throws out case
RT - A Cook County judge dismissed charges against 92 Occupy protesters arrested in a Chicago park last October, ruling that the city’s overnight park curfew violated the First Amendment and was being enforced selectively.... Judge Donnelly threw out the arrests, and slammed the city for denying the protesters their First Amendment rights. Citing the park's long history of political rallies dating back to Abraham Lincoln, Donnelly quoted early city leaders who resolved in 1835 that the land that became Grant Park "should be reserved for all time to come for a public square, accessible at all times to the people."

The rest of the story?... Rahm ("frickin retards") Emanuel, (who picked the Chicago Teachers fight, as I predicted before he was elected, with an eye towards brandishing an image as a Democrat, "who is willing to stand up to the unions"), says he rejects this OCCUPY ruling in favour of the OCCUPY protesters! He says he intends to appeal. Now, ain't that just some more sweet "political" tact? This may take the issue more to the direction of the Supreme Court, and there's a lot of big campaign money "who'd" just love to see a ruling there. What reason did Emanuel give for his intention to appeal the OCCUPY ruling? Um, the Obama rally was not meant to stay all night - but the OCCUPY protest was meant to stay all night. Big difference? The only rational behind such reasons given by municipalities in the past has been the completely vacuous idea that, "public safety must be upheld." My ass. We've seen how that reasoning has fared in the past, haven't we. OCCUPY continues to win, and we've changed the dialogue. Rahm Emanuel is OLD NEWS.
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Many teachers and friends are headed for Chicago tomorrow to stand and march alongside the striking teachers associated with the Chicago's Teachers Union. The gathering begins at 5:pm Chicago time. If you are in the Madison, Wisconsin area, you can find out more about the caravan leaving tomorrow morning, or simply read more, here: [livejournal.com profile] madison_fights. Everyone else might consider searching for more info, perhaps considering going to Chicago yourself as well. Eh? Eh? Weather will be great, btw. Chicago is always fun.

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