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hi folks! i can't do it all because i'm disabled. i wasn't able to post about upcoming MAY DAY events. so, i'll just pass this along for now - http://vehemencet-t.livejournal.com/38878.html
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1 - Milwaukee Red Cross Told To Prep For Chicago Evacuation During NATO Summit
CHICAGO (CBS) – Is there a secret plan to evacuate some residents of Chicago in the event of major trouble during the NATO summit next month? CBS 2 has uncovered some evidence that there is. It comes from the Milwaukee area branch of the American Red Cross. CBS 2 News has obtained a copy of a Red Cross e-mail sent to volunteers in the Milwaukee area. It said the NATO summit “may create unrest or another national security incident. The American Red Cross in southeastern Wisconsin has been asked to place a number of shelters on...

2 - Milwaukee Red Cross prepared for evacuees if NATO summit disaster happens

3 - Remember, May Day (May 1): OCCUPY, GLOBAL GENERAL STRIKE! - We need to post about upcoming activities, etc.!
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Obama administration OK's killings of average Americans assumed to be "terrorists": When War on Terror Targets Americans" - http://news.yahoo.com/holder-speak-targeted-killings-americans-192324573--abc-news.html

Greek debt arrangement = deadline MAY 8, (also on March 8: full moon, hacker event, gov't shut-down of some computers). WARNING: They are trying to pretend that the arrangement will not be a DEFAULT," but technically it probably will be. If it is declared a default, as via a rating agency, a demand for cash-in on CREDIT DEFAULT, & DERIVATIVE, payments, amounting to IMPOSSIBLE $TRILLIONS, will come crashing and, and this can snowball into a worldwide economic crash. If this should occur, then Europe's diversionary war with Iran may kick in.

Protests will continue in Chicago on May 1, despite movement of G-8 summit to CAMP DAVID, (in case of massive protests esp. after a possible CRASH). Contact OCCUPY CHICAGO.

"Against my own instincts... I descended to THEIR level..." - Rush Limbaugh. He, "became "LIKE THEM". Oh, I guess that's why the right is ALL OVER ED SCHULTZ now, blaming him for the issue.

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