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VIDEO: 'Life over war': US veterans return medals at NATO summit
msnbc.com - Dozens of anti-war veterans tossed their medals onto a Chicago street Sunday near where NATO began its two-day summit, calling them “representations of hate,” “lies” and “cheap tokens,” and with some making emotional pleas for forgiveness from the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. With many dressed in military fatigues, they had filed through the streets in formation, chanting "N-A-T-O, NATO has got to go," and “No NATO, no war, we don't work for you no more,” leading about 2,000 protesters on a 2.5-mile march.
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- A police van hit a Chicago protestor near Jackson and Wacker last night. According to reports, the van deliberately ran into protestors, who were being peaceful.
- A fourth "beer bomber" has been arrested in Chicago. He is said, "not to have been connected to the other three," jailed beer bombers.
- Latest article from Yahoo on the three who were arrested is a delightful re-write. Something musta got to them. (They're not in great financial shape lately). - http://news.yahoo.com/men-accused-plotting-attacks-around-nato-summit-221056964.html
- The main protests in Chicago today begin at noon at Mccormick Place.
- Yesterday, hundreds or thousands of protestors marched several times through the loop and ended in China Town.
- A military drone will be in Rockford, IL, for a three day show, one of three on display in the nation. Rockford has this problem of thinking that anything "cool" is good, such as inviting a solar-panel assembly plant from China to locate there.
- Said to be at the G8 Meetings, Obama and Hollande seem to be gaining the upper hand in urging Europe AWAY from insane AUSTERITY and towards STIMULI to bring economies out of the current depression. - http://the-recession.livejournal.com/900078.html
- Tonight on 60 Minutes: Wealthy guy, shocked by how screwed up today's education system is, is paying kids to drop out of collage.
- Yet another day of FACEBOOK being all over the news. Cuz it's a positive WALL STREET SUCCESS STORY, that's why. Curse these protesters...
- PS - The "blissfully skeptical" public theoretically wants to know WHAT in the hell OCCUPY is doing protesting NATO? More lack of focus?!? Any posts on how NATO is linked to ECONOMICS would be special, thx.
- Do not look at the eclipse! Accept the fact that it is a sign of the end of the world and move on.

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