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Judge slams Occupy Chicago arrests as ‘unconstitutional,’ throws out case
RT - A Cook County judge dismissed charges against 92 Occupy protesters arrested in a Chicago park last October, ruling that the city’s overnight park curfew violated the First Amendment and was being enforced selectively.... Judge Donnelly threw out the arrests, and slammed the city for denying the protesters their First Amendment rights. Citing the park's long history of political rallies dating back to Abraham Lincoln, Donnelly quoted early city leaders who resolved in 1835 that the land that became Grant Park "should be reserved for all time to come for a public square, accessible at all times to the people."

The rest of the story?... Rahm ("frickin retards") Emanuel, (who picked the Chicago Teachers fight, as I predicted before he was elected, with an eye towards brandishing an image as a Democrat, "who is willing to stand up to the unions"), says he rejects this OCCUPY ruling in favour of the OCCUPY protesters! He says he intends to appeal. Now, ain't that just some more sweet "political" tact? This may take the issue more to the direction of the Supreme Court, and there's a lot of big campaign money "who'd" just love to see a ruling there. What reason did Emanuel give for his intention to appeal the OCCUPY ruling? Um, the Obama rally was not meant to stay all night - but the OCCUPY protest was meant to stay all night. Big difference? The only rational behind such reasons given by municipalities in the past has been the completely vacuous idea that, "public safety must be upheld." My ass. We've seen how that reasoning has fared in the past, haven't we. OCCUPY continues to win, and we've changed the dialogue. Rahm Emanuel is OLD NEWS.
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- A police van hit a Chicago protestor near Jackson and Wacker last night. According to reports, the van deliberately ran into protestors, who were being peaceful.
- A fourth "beer bomber" has been arrested in Chicago. He is said, "not to have been connected to the other three," jailed beer bombers.
- Latest article from Yahoo on the three who were arrested is a delightful re-write. Something musta got to them. (They're not in great financial shape lately). - http://news.yahoo.com/men-accused-plotting-attacks-around-nato-summit-221056964.html
- The main protests in Chicago today begin at noon at Mccormick Place.
- Yesterday, hundreds or thousands of protestors marched several times through the loop and ended in China Town.
- A military drone will be in Rockford, IL, for a three day show, one of three on display in the nation. Rockford has this problem of thinking that anything "cool" is good, such as inviting a solar-panel assembly plant from China to locate there.
- Said to be at the G8 Meetings, Obama and Hollande seem to be gaining the upper hand in urging Europe AWAY from insane AUSTERITY and towards STIMULI to bring economies out of the current depression. - http://the-recession.livejournal.com/900078.html
- Tonight on 60 Minutes: Wealthy guy, shocked by how screwed up today's education system is, is paying kids to drop out of collage.
- Yet another day of FACEBOOK being all over the news. Cuz it's a positive WALL STREET SUCCESS STORY, that's why. Curse these protesters...
- PS - The "blissfully skeptical" public theoretically wants to know WHAT in the hell OCCUPY is doing protesting NATO? More lack of focus?!? Any posts on how NATO is linked to ECONOMICS would be special, thx.
- Do not look at the eclipse! Accept the fact that it is a sign of the end of the world and move on.

CHICAGO: http://www.occupychi.org & http://www.facebook.com/OccupyChicago & [livejournal.com profile] chicago_fights

OCCUPY WALL STREET: http://occupywallst.org/ STREAM: http://www.occupystream.com/

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Occupy Chicago (@OccupyChicago) on Twitter = http://twitter.com/occupychicago

OCCUPY Takes over Montrose Avenue, Protests at Emmanuel's home, rallies for jailed...

3 protesters charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism:
Three NATO Summit protesters have been arrested and charged with possession of an explosive device and conspiracy to commit terrorism, police said.
Sources said the protesters were suspected of building Molotov cocktails — bottles filled with flammable liquid that are used as firebombs.

Nato protesters arrested in Chicago raid held on terrorism conspiracy charges:
Lawyer says men are 'in shock' over allegations they tried to make a Molotov cocktail ahead of Nato summit protests - Three Nato protesters, arrested in a late night raid on Wednesday, have been charged on terrorism-related offences.
Police claim the charges of conspiracy to commit terrorism, providing material support for terrorism and possession of an explosive or incendiary device, are the result of a month-long investigation into a group they believe was making Molotov cocktails. They had already been pulled over by police last week and asked about their protest plans in a stop they posted on YouTube.
Attorneys representing the men say the charges are fabricated and aimed at intimidating activists. "We cannot say enough that we believe that these charges are absolutely … very trumped up charges," said Sarah Gelsomino of the Peoples Law Office. "Clearly in an attempt to continue this intimidation campaign on activists. Charging these people who are here to peacefully protest against Nato for terrorism, when in reality the police have been terrorising activists in Chicago, is absolutely outrageous.

Mystery over Bridgeport arrests: Molotov cocktails or brewing equipment?
As the NATO summit approached, Chicago police Friday continued to hold several people suspected of making Molotov cocktails but would say nothing about the arrests, adding to a growing mystery over the nature of the investigation. Police earlier Fri ... (Chicago Tribune)

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St. Louis to host Occupy the Midwest Conference: Occupy St. Louis will host the Occupy the Midwest regional conference, a four day event, which will run from March 15 to March 18 - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/14/occupy-midwest..

YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2PZWlTW9_Q

Occupy the Midwest - http://www.occupythemidwest.org

Occupy St. Louis - http://www.occupystl.org

Occupy Chicago - http://occupychi.org
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Obama administration OK's killings of average Americans assumed to be "terrorists": When War on Terror Targets Americans" - http://news.yahoo.com/holder-speak-targeted-killings-americans-192324573--abc-news.html

Greek debt arrangement = deadline MAY 8, (also on March 8: full moon, hacker event, gov't shut-down of some computers). WARNING: They are trying to pretend that the arrangement will not be a DEFAULT," but technically it probably will be. If it is declared a default, as via a rating agency, a demand for cash-in on CREDIT DEFAULT, & DERIVATIVE, payments, amounting to IMPOSSIBLE $TRILLIONS, will come crashing and, and this can snowball into a worldwide economic crash. If this should occur, then Europe's diversionary war with Iran may kick in.

Protests will continue in Chicago on May 1, despite movement of G-8 summit to CAMP DAVID, (in case of massive protests esp. after a possible CRASH). Contact OCCUPY CHICAGO.

"Against my own instincts... I descended to THEIR level..." - Rush Limbaugh. He, "became "LIKE THEM". Oh, I guess that's why the right is ALL OVER ED SCHULTZ now, blaming him for the issue.

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