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Dozens arrested as police face off with Flood Wall Street protesters - http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/sep/22/flood-wall-street-protest-arrest-police-climate-change-new-york
(Guardian) -More than 100 protesters were arrested after hundreds of people gathered in New York City’s financial district on Monday to denounce to denounce what organisers say is Wall Street’s contribution to climate change.

Flood Wall Street demonstrators, primarily dressed in blue to represent climate change-induced flooding, marched to New York City’s financial centre to “highlight the role of Wall Street in fuelling the climate crisis,” according to organisers. - (READ MORE - see link above).

Occupy group abolishes nearly $4 million in student loan debt - http://rt.com/usa/188520-strike-debt-jubilee-everest/
(RT) - On the third anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement, an offshoot group announced that it has erased $3.8 million worth of private student loan debt.

The group, Strike Debt, said in a press release issued on Wednesday this week that its Rolling Jubilee initiative has purchased nearly $4 million in private student debt owed by former attendees of Everest College — an institution run by the massive for-profit education company Corinthian Colleges — in turn freeing those former students from a huge chunk of the burdensome loan bills.

“Jubilant Greetings!” the group wrote to 2,700 former Everest students. “We are writing to you with good news: We just got rid of some of your Everest College debt!” - (READ MORE - see link above).

US wealth gap ‘unsustainable’, may worsen: Harvard study - http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/09/08/378086/us-wealth-gap-unsustainable-may-worsen/
(PRESS TV - Sept 8) - The growing income inequality in the United States between the richest Americans and the middle and lower classes is “unsustainable” and may worsen, according to a new study by Harvard University.

The study, released Monday by the Harvard Business School and titled “An Economy Doing Half its Job”, highlighted problems with the widening US wealth gap, education system, transport infrastructure, and the effectiveness of the political system. - (READ MORE - see link above).
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Scientists Lead Huge Climate Change March in NYC

NEW YORK — Lab-coat-clad and picket-sign-wielding scientists were on the front lines of the People's Climate Change march yesterday (Sept. 21) along with hordes of students and others concerned about the planet's changing climate.

The march, organized to bring more public awareness to climate change effects and policies, was planned in anticipation of the UN Climate Summit that will meet at the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan tomorrow (Sept. 23). The march was divided into six different themed sections and scientists marched in the "The Debate Is Over" section. Many carried signs with slogans like "We are the 97 percent consensus," "Science is not a liberal conspiracy" and "Friends don't let friends deny reality." - Over 300,000 people - READ MORE

- (Notes: RFK Jr. was prominent in this march, and made national news. I had a dream about RFK Jr., the same morning, Sept.21, w/ no prior knowledge(!) - Also relevant to OCCUPY minds: There was a large march in Russia against involvement in Ukraine,(!), and there was, of course, the vote regarding Scottish independence).
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US protesters urge Obama to act on global warming - http://phys.org/news/2013-02-protesters-urge-obama-global.html


(For more on Keystone, please see my previous post).
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Keystone pipeline protestors arrested - http://www.livescience.com/27117-nasa-climate-scientist-arrest.html

Daryl Hannah is on Thom Hartman show today; as is Bernie Sanders, who is big on addressing global climate change. Also, be sure to check out Bobby Kennedy Jr. on progressive, "Ring of Fire Radio," which discusses other important topics.


Another post re: Keystone - http://madman101.livejournal.com/1328385.html
My LJ communities which need your support: [livejournal.com profile] w_a_r_m_i_n_g, [livejournal.com profile] bp_oil_oil_oil, [livejournal.com profile] eco_altrnatives. (Also see my own LJ tags for these and econ issues).
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Mayor Bloomberg Orders Raid on Occupy Sandy Disaster Relief Shelter:
Intel Hub - In the response to hurricane Sandy, Occupy Wall Street supporters have shown that voluntary, decentralized mutual aid is far more effective than government programs and agencies like FEMA. At one point, pictures were taken of occupy sandy volunteers feeding FEMA workers who couldn’t even find supplies for themselves. Now, super villain mayor Bloomberg in New York is thanking them for their service to the community by ordering a raid and eviction on a shelter that they have helped set up and have been using as a base of operations.



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Global protests planned over gas drilling process

September 22, 2012 by Kevin Begos

(AP)—More than 100 protests against the natural gas drilling process known as fracking are scheduled to take place around the world on Saturday, building on public concerns but also using an overly simplified message to spur outrage.

Protests are planned in cities that include New York, Paris, Madrid and Pittsburgh.

The GlobalFrackdown website and campaign was developed by Food & Water Watch, a Washington, D.C. nonprofit that was once part of Ralph Nader's Public Citizen group. The campaign claims that fracking "has already damaged communities and ruined lives. It pollutes water and makes people sick."....

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Support Freeport, Illinois, SENSATA workers tomorrow! The protest at the plant is near the Stephenson County Fairgrounds, at 2520 S. Walnut St., Freeport! The cross-country Bain Worker Tour Bus will arrive there at 10:30 AM, tomorrow. (The bus will also make stops in Wisconsin)... YOU CAN ALSO ORDER PIZZA FOR THE WORKERS via Logan's Bar & Grill (815) 232-4592. More information and PETITION at http://bainport.com/

BAINPORT Sensata workers march outside the RNC in Tampa, Fla.

Freeport’s Sensata Technologies workers to join Bain Worker Bus Tour Sept. 22:

(RockRiverTimes): FREEPORT, Ill. - Saturday, Sept. 22, the Bain Worker Bus Tour will make its first stop in Freeport, Ill., to visit Bainport and pick up Sensata workers before making its way across the country.

In recent months, workers at Freeport’s Sensata Technologies plant - who are currently facing the outsourcing of their jobs to China by Bain - have called on former Bain CEO and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to intervene on their behalf.

As Romney continues to ignore Sensata workers’ plea for help, the workers will join fellow Bain workers in their effort to educate swing voters about Romney’s economic vision for the country, and take the campaign to save their jobs straight to Romney’s doorstep in Boston.

The tour, which will kick off with a rally in St. Louis Friday, will also make stops in Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida and at the presidential debate in Hempstead, NY. The trip will culminate in a day of action in Boston, where both Romney’s campaign and Bain Capital have their headquarters.

READ MORE HERE: http://rockrivertimes.com/2012/09/21/freeport%E2%80%99s-sensata-workers-to-join-bain-worker-bus-tour-sept-22/ and http://rockrivertimes.com/2012/09/05/sensata-workers-rally-against-%E2%80%98romney-economy%E2%80%99-romney-defends-bain-capital-in-acceptance-speech-2/

Check out nearby OCCUPY ROCKFORD - http://occupyrockford.org, and OCCUPY JANESVILLE - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-Janesville/305170099507932
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Many teachers and friends are headed for Chicago tomorrow to stand and march alongside the striking teachers associated with the Chicago's Teachers Union. The gathering begins at 5:pm Chicago time. If you are in the Madison, Wisconsin area, you can find out more about the caravan leaving tomorrow morning, or simply read more, here: [livejournal.com profile] madison_fights. Everyone else might consider searching for more info, perhaps considering going to Chicago yourself as well. Eh? Eh? Weather will be great, btw. Chicago is always fun.
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Tens of thousands of protesters fill the streets of Montreal to mark 100 days since the start of protests against a rise in student tuition fees:
Tens of thousands of demonstrators have filled the streets of Montreal to mark 100 days since protests began against a planned rise in student tuition fees. People chanted "Our streets!" and carried signs and red banners. There were no reports of arrests. An emergency bill passed by Quebec's government on Friday was aimed at curbing the protests by requiring marches to follow pre-approved routes. Rallies since then have turned violent, with 300 arrests on Sunday alone. Protesters say the law, Bill 78, infringes their democratic right to express themselves. They have pledged to contest it in court.

Massive Protest in Quebec Against Tuition Fees Hikes

OCCUPY CANADA: http://www.facebook.com/OccupyCanada
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VIDEO: 'Life over war': US veterans return medals at NATO summit
msnbc.com - Dozens of anti-war veterans tossed their medals onto a Chicago street Sunday near where NATO began its two-day summit, calling them “representations of hate,” “lies” and “cheap tokens,” and with some making emotional pleas for forgiveness from the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. With many dressed in military fatigues, they had filed through the streets in formation, chanting "N-A-T-O, NATO has got to go," and “No NATO, no war, we don't work for you no more,” leading about 2,000 protesters on a 2.5-mile march.
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- A police van hit a Chicago protestor near Jackson and Wacker last night. According to reports, the van deliberately ran into protestors, who were being peaceful.
- A fourth "beer bomber" has been arrested in Chicago. He is said, "not to have been connected to the other three," jailed beer bombers.
- Latest article from Yahoo on the three who were arrested is a delightful re-write. Something musta got to them. (They're not in great financial shape lately). - http://news.yahoo.com/men-accused-plotting-attacks-around-nato-summit-221056964.html
- The main protests in Chicago today begin at noon at Mccormick Place.
- Yesterday, hundreds or thousands of protestors marched several times through the loop and ended in China Town.
- A military drone will be in Rockford, IL, for a three day show, one of three on display in the nation. Rockford has this problem of thinking that anything "cool" is good, such as inviting a solar-panel assembly plant from China to locate there.
- Said to be at the G8 Meetings, Obama and Hollande seem to be gaining the upper hand in urging Europe AWAY from insane AUSTERITY and towards STIMULI to bring economies out of the current depression. - http://the-recession.livejournal.com/900078.html
- Tonight on 60 Minutes: Wealthy guy, shocked by how screwed up today's education system is, is paying kids to drop out of collage.
- Yet another day of FACEBOOK being all over the news. Cuz it's a positive WALL STREET SUCCESS STORY, that's why. Curse these protesters...
- PS - The "blissfully skeptical" public theoretically wants to know WHAT in the hell OCCUPY is doing protesting NATO? More lack of focus?!? Any posts on how NATO is linked to ECONOMICS would be special, thx.
- Do not look at the eclipse! Accept the fact that it is a sign of the end of the world and move on.

CHICAGO: http://www.occupychi.org & http://www.facebook.com/OccupyChicago & [livejournal.com profile] chicago_fights

OCCUPY WALL STREET: http://occupywallst.org/ STREAM: http://www.occupystream.com/

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Occupy Chicago (@OccupyChicago) on Twitter = http://twitter.com/occupychicago

OCCUPY Takes over Montrose Avenue, Protests at Emmanuel's home, rallies for jailed...

3 protesters charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism:
Three NATO Summit protesters have been arrested and charged with possession of an explosive device and conspiracy to commit terrorism, police said.
Sources said the protesters were suspected of building Molotov cocktails — bottles filled with flammable liquid that are used as firebombs.

Nato protesters arrested in Chicago raid held on terrorism conspiracy charges:
Lawyer says men are 'in shock' over allegations they tried to make a Molotov cocktail ahead of Nato summit protests - Three Nato protesters, arrested in a late night raid on Wednesday, have been charged on terrorism-related offences.
Police claim the charges of conspiracy to commit terrorism, providing material support for terrorism and possession of an explosive or incendiary device, are the result of a month-long investigation into a group they believe was making Molotov cocktails. They had already been pulled over by police last week and asked about their protest plans in a stop they posted on YouTube.
Attorneys representing the men say the charges are fabricated and aimed at intimidating activists. "We cannot say enough that we believe that these charges are absolutely … very trumped up charges," said Sarah Gelsomino of the Peoples Law Office. "Clearly in an attempt to continue this intimidation campaign on activists. Charging these people who are here to peacefully protest against Nato for terrorism, when in reality the police have been terrorising activists in Chicago, is absolutely outrageous.

Mystery over Bridgeport arrests: Molotov cocktails or brewing equipment?
As the NATO summit approached, Chicago police Friday continued to hold several people suspected of making Molotov cocktails but would say nothing about the arrests, adding to a growing mystery over the nature of the investigation. Police earlier Fri ... (Chicago Tribune)

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1 - Milwaukee Red Cross Told To Prep For Chicago Evacuation During NATO Summit
CHICAGO (CBS) – Is there a secret plan to evacuate some residents of Chicago in the event of major trouble during the NATO summit next month? CBS 2 has uncovered some evidence that there is. It comes from the Milwaukee area branch of the American Red Cross. CBS 2 News has obtained a copy of a Red Cross e-mail sent to volunteers in the Milwaukee area. It said the NATO summit “may create unrest or another national security incident. The American Red Cross in southeastern Wisconsin has been asked to place a number of shelters on...

2 - Milwaukee Red Cross prepared for evacuees if NATO summit disaster happens

3 - Remember, May Day (May 1): OCCUPY, GLOBAL GENERAL STRIKE! - We need to post about upcoming activities, etc.!
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A Global Day of Action - Shut Down Monsanto!

Shut Down Monsanto and the Anti-Monsanto Project are calling for global days of action to shut down Monsanto on Friday and Saturday March 16 & 17.

MADISON: http://www.facebook.com/events/393227120693324/

BLOOMINGTON: http://www.facebook.com/events/243157235761489/?context=create

INTERNATIONAL: http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_25025.cfm

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