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Many teachers and friends are headed for Chicago tomorrow to stand and march alongside the striking teachers associated with the Chicago's Teachers Union. The gathering begins at 5:pm Chicago time. If you are in the Madison, Wisconsin area, you can find out more about the caravan leaving tomorrow morning, or simply read more, here: [livejournal.com profile] madison_fights. Everyone else might consider searching for more info, perhaps considering going to Chicago yourself as well. Eh? Eh? Weather will be great, btw. Chicago is always fun.
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The Elephant in Scott Walker's Courtroom: A John Doe Investigation, a Rise to Power, and a Crazy Case By Charles P. Pierce:

MILWAUKEE — Lon Robinson sat down at the defendant's table in Room 634 of the stunningly un-air-conditioned Milwaukee County Courthouse with Waupun already in his eyes. He was a junkie who'd stolen an old lady's checks from her mailbox, clumsily erased the payee's name, and replaced it with his own. He got away with it once, for eight bucks. But then he'd gone back to the same bank, twice, for over a grand each time. He'd even helpfully supplied his fingerprints to the bank officer who, neither having been born a fool nor worked hard to become one in later life, called the cops. So Lon Robinson sat in Judge David Hansher's courtroom and got himself sent away for two years for what Hansher kept calling, with admirable understatement, "a crime that was truly lacking in sophistication."

(While reading Robinson the list of rights he would surrender with his guilty plea, Hansher explained that Robinson would lose the right "to vote in any election... or any recall election." This got something of a laugh from the assembled suits. Robinson didn't seem to get the joke.)... (link above)...
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Walker’s lead in Wisconsin recall election tightens in new poll:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (Morry Gash/AP)Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker maintains a narrow lead in his recall election, but his standing has diminished in recent weeks, according to a new poll released on the eve of the election.

Walker leads Democratic challenger Tom Barrett, the mayor of Milwaukee, by just 3 percentage points in a new survey of likely voters (pdf) conducted by Public Policy Polling. Walker leads Barrett 50 to 47 percent, down from the 50 to 45 percent matchup PPP found in a poll conducted three weeks ago. The margin of error for this week's poll is plus or minus 2.8 percentage points.

According to PPP, Walker—who was targeted for a recall after waging war on state public employee unions in 2011—is winning among men, whites, seniors and residents of the Milwaukee suburbs. Barrett leads among women, minorities, young voters and residents of Milwaukee County and greater Madison. Barrett is also winning independent voters 48 to 46 percent, a lead that is within the margin of error.

Currently, polls, campaign finance statistics and anecdotal evidence suggest Republicans are more engaged and excited than Democrats for the June 5 race.......

Not with Ed Schultz in town. He's broadcasting from THE MIC 92.1 right now. According to John Nicols, a poll today confirms the above. (Folks in Chicago/Rkfd. can listen to WCPT AM 820, or FM 92.5, 92.7, 99.9)

Here's a great site provided by [livejournal.com profile] eviltracey

Ben and Jerry’s co-founder wants to rubber-stamp dollar bills with Occupy messages

Riddle me this: Who cut the cheese, fed it to the rats, and called it, ''balancing the budget''? )

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