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Judge slams Occupy Chicago arrests as ‘unconstitutional,’ throws out case
RT - A Cook County judge dismissed charges against 92 Occupy protesters arrested in a Chicago park last October, ruling that the city’s overnight park curfew violated the First Amendment and was being enforced selectively.... Judge Donnelly threw out the arrests, and slammed the city for denying the protesters their First Amendment rights. Citing the park's long history of political rallies dating back to Abraham Lincoln, Donnelly quoted early city leaders who resolved in 1835 that the land that became Grant Park "should be reserved for all time to come for a public square, accessible at all times to the people."

The rest of the story?... Rahm ("frickin retards") Emanuel, (who picked the Chicago Teachers fight, as I predicted before he was elected, with an eye towards brandishing an image as a Democrat, "who is willing to stand up to the unions"), says he rejects this OCCUPY ruling in favour of the OCCUPY protesters! He says he intends to appeal. Now, ain't that just some more sweet "political" tact? This may take the issue more to the direction of the Supreme Court, and there's a lot of big campaign money "who'd" just love to see a ruling there. What reason did Emanuel give for his intention to appeal the OCCUPY ruling? Um, the Obama rally was not meant to stay all night - but the OCCUPY protest was meant to stay all night. Big difference? The only rational behind such reasons given by municipalities in the past has been the completely vacuous idea that, "public safety must be upheld." My ass. We've seen how that reasoning has fared in the past, haven't we. OCCUPY continues to win, and we've changed the dialogue. Rahm Emanuel is OLD NEWS.
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Twitter sticks together with OWS protesters:
RT - Twitter Inc. refuses to give out information on Jeffrey Rae, a prominent OWS protester whose on-the-ground Twitter reporting is followed by thousands. Activists under police scrutiny say a political witch hunt has begun on behalf of “the 1 per cent”. - http://rt.com/news/twitter-rae-occupy-data-366/
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RT - A new study has revealed that over half Wall Street company executives believe the Occupy movement has had an impact on their business. Up to 94 per cent say their firms got a negative public reaction by action or inaction. - http://rt.com/usa/news/wall-street-survey-ows-511/
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Here's just a small sample of what's going on out there in bankster land. I didn't know whether to tag this as "success!," or as "warning signs!" I guess it could be both. The emigration of bank CEO's could mean they all forsee a global banking collapse, (or a conspiratorial transformation into global communism!), or they MIGHT JUST FEEL GUILTY BECAUSE OF ALL THE GRIEF WE'VE GIVEN THEM. Most banksters live in a world of privileged denial, with skewed ideas about money and society, etc., but some of them can theoretically be moved to adopt more humanitarian views. (I know that those CEO's who "resign" as a result of being KNOCKED OFF really don't fit this model). For example, one bankster resigned as head of Student Loans division to start a firm for STUDENT LOAN COUNSELLING, (which I find funny and possibly sick). (Or, maybe they know they've got the best BONUS packages they're going to get, and they want to get out before the violence. Maybe move to Paruguay with George Bush. I'd like to be optimistic about this apparent, (not scientifically measured), mass emigration. But optimism hasn't really gotten me too far in this crazy world).

3/07/12 (UK) Goldman Sachs (GSI) Christopher French resigns from board
3/07/12 (UK) Goldman Sachs (GSI) David Wildermuth resigns from board
3/07/12 (UK) Goldman Sachs (GSI) Matthew Westerman resigns from board
3/07/12 (UK) Goldman Sachs (GSI) co-head of global mergers and acquisitions Yoel Zaoui resigns
3/07/12 (UK) Goldman Sachs (GSI) Phil Beatty resigned as head of European power and natural-gas trading
3/07/12 (USA) Astaire quits Bank of America Merrill to dance to Barclays Capital’s tune
3/09/12 (HONG KONG) Bank of America Merrill Lynch, K.J. Kim, responsible for Southeast Asia, resigned
3/09/12 (HONG KONG) Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Jimmy Choi, who was in charge of high-yield debt, resigned.
3/09/12 (HONG KONG) Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Leonard Ng, a vice-president in Hong Kong resigned.
3/10/12 (TURKEY) Garanti Bank, The deputy CEO of Turkish lender Tolga Egemen, has decided to quit.

source: http://americankabuki.blogspot.com/p/131-resignations-from-world-banks.html

Needless-to-say, and meanwhile-back-at-the-ranch, most of the new leaders in Europe worked for, or have associations with Goldman-Sachs, so, at best, maybe there's just a little "falling-out" within the global banking community going on. (Maybe some of them are no longer laughing). And I think we've yet to see what the real fall-out will be...
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DES MOINES, Iowa -- A Polk County jury reached a verdict Friday in the first trespassing trial for an Occupy Iowa protester. The jury found Ed Fallon not guilty of trespassing. - http://www.democraticunderground.com/1002409011
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VIDEO: New York City declines to prosecute Naomi Wolf for Occupy arrest:
Guardian - Naomi Wolf will not do hard time for walking on a sidewalk as part of an Occupy Wall Street demonstration last October. New York officials have announced they have declined to prosecute, and the case has been dismissed. Wolf, a Guardian contributor, was arrested in New York after a confrontation with police officers who had set up cordons to restrict the movement of Occupy protesters outside an event for the Huffington Post, to which she also contributes. - http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/us-news-blog/2012/mar/05/new-york-city-naomi-wolf-occupy

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